If you are a member of the allied health and nursing professions, then you can use your expertise to support us in developing and testing this screening tool.

Test the screening tool
(2022 – 2023)

The screening tool is scheduled to be ready for use by self-employed healthcare professionals in daily practice by 2022-2023. The screening tool will consist of a tablet computer, a smartphone with an app, and a headset, and will be made available as a mobile set for testing. After introductory training, the screening tool can be used and tested with interested clients. Observations and interviews will be carried out during field testing.
The results and responses from the testers and participating subjects will provide important empirical values for future adaptations to the screening tool.

Testing dates will be announced here once available.

Take part in a focus group
(already concluded)

A focus group is a moderated group discussion designed to gather your input in the form of opinions and expertise used to develop the screening tool further. Topics covered in the focus group include your professional experience in treating clients with cognitive disorders, your view of digital assessments and of the potential and limits of computer-aided screening tools.

The focus groups for application analysis have already been completed.

Help us to recruit test subjects!
(already concluded)

The research project included a study on the suitability of the future screening tool.

Interested people could assess their memory using a variety of tests and questionnaires within this large study. Taking measures such as memory exercises at an early stage can help stimulate cognitive abilities and combat loss of memory.

Download the study invitation as a PDF