The innovative product is designed to fill a current gap in early detection

As a result of better living standards and high health care standards, Austrians are living longer. But although life expectancy is growing, quality of life usually declines in old age. Physical and cognitive functions play a major role in determining an individual’s quality of life, particularly in old age.

Consequently, the aim of this project is to develop a multimodal screening tool which can detect cognitive and physical abnormalities.

The screening tool will consist of a tablet computer, a smartphone with an app, and a headset, and will be made available as a mobile set. The screening itself will be managed and monitored by members of the allied health professions, as well as physicians and caregivers. Healthcare professionals and the patients undergoing screening will both be actively involved in all stages of development in order to ensure that the system is widely accepted and user-friendly. Once the tool has been finalised, a business model will be developed for use in the healthcare system. As a result, this innovative product should fill a current gap in early detection.

Project goals 2019-2023