SCOBES-AR combines health & technology

The primary aim of the project is to develop a multimodal screening tool which will be used to determine cognitive and physical abnormalities in participants aged between 60 and 75.

Currently, medical practice is to stabilise existing deficits. This is due to change, because the aim of the project is the early detection and prevention of cognitive and physical impairments.

Cognitive disorders can become perceptible years before they are diagnosed. Changes in gait patterns or a decline in the ability to smell, for example, are an early indication of functional impairments. These changes are easy to measure and will be screened using augmented reality. The screening tool combines tests covering a variety of health disciplines to create a joint process.

A person helping another person to fasten a head mounted display.

This is achieved using augmented reality technology. Via a smartphone, real-world situations are supplemented with virtual objects and tasks. Virtual tests can be used to record and assess cognitive and physical functions.