Conventional test procedure

The Talent Diagnostic System Reaction Test determines the eye-hand and eye-leg reaction as well as the complex reaction ability. The time required to complete the test procedure is recorded.

The test system is set up on a table. On the table are contact plates for the right and left hand and under the table is the floor contact plate for the right and left foot. There is also a laptop on the table, which displays visual signals on the screen. More than one signal can be displayed at the same time. The test person stands in front of the table and must now touch the corresponding contact plates with their hand and/or foot. A new optical movement signal is then displayed on the computer screen. The contact of the hands and feet with the floor contact plate must be released after each signal.

Adapted test procedure

Video: Reaktion Test

In the adapted version, the reaction test takes place on the smartphone, on whose screen white and black areas light up. Depending on the question and position, one or more flic buttons must be pressed. This setting has the advantage of being much more manageable and low-threshold.

The adapted reaction test requires a smartphone in a holder and the corresponding app as well as four Flic buttons with caps.